Bioenergetics: Healing Mind with Body. Part 2

My immediate concern, the chronic low back pain, was immensely relieved by this course of therapy. On another level, I came out of this time feeling more integrated as a person as well as more generally alive. By releasing buried anger at my mother, I was able to feel a deeper level of joy in my life. I felt less fearful and more able to pursue my goals.

Later I studied with Jerre and practiced this bodywork. I was constantly amazed at how different clients would respond to the work. It was a powerful therapy that helped people have profound breakthroughs in their lives. My only disappointment was that not very many clients were willing to delve so deeply into their psyches; most preferred relaxation massage, which I also provided.

Nine years went by. I got married, had a son, got divorced. I got out of the massage profession and moved to another state. There I found my way back into bioenergetics therapy, through the back door once again. This time my son was having problems acting out with aggressiveness, a result of the divorce and school environment. A friend recommended a therapist; after discussing my son’s problems with her, she asked if I had had any therapy since the divorce.

Nancy runs groups for both children and adults utilizing bioenergetics techniques. As far as I know, her children’s groups are unique. I can attest to the fact that they are incredibly effective; my son’s behavior has much improved! Children seem to instinctively respond to the physical release of emotions and can also easily relate to the idea of grounding their energy. This is not always so easy for adults.

Nancy’s groups for adults are equally powerful. Sometimes group members just talk about their issues; if they are willing and time allows, Nancy guides them through bioenergetics exercises designed to tap into and release childhood emotions. I found that witnessing others is a very dynamic experience in that it can be highly cathartic for your own issues. The fundamentals of breathing fully and grounding are an integral component of Nancy’s groups. She strives to make participants feel safe. I also worked with her one-on-one at times, which was highly effective as well.

Bioenergetics goes to the root of our problems. By releasing the energy trapped in our bodies where we stuffed our emotions, it frees the mind to more competently deal with the problems of our day-to-day lives. This form of therapy is a highly effective means of reclaiming our aliveness, our joy in life, and our ability to fulfill our dreams.

Bioenergetics therapists are sometimes medical doctors, sometimes psychologists. They go through extensive training, often with Alexander Lowen himself, who is still a vital teacher at age 70. Therapists who use bioenergetics techniques, such as my body worker, can also prove helpful. Bioenergetics is a powerful tool for rejuvenating ourselves: by utilizing the wisdom of the body we can access profound realms of vitality in our lives.

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