Dealing With Post-Cycling Neck Pain

Families throughout America have come to enjoy bicycling. It’s an excellent form of exercise, as well as a way of living a greener lifestyle, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and reducing your carbon footprint. If cycling is becoming a part of your life, it is critical that you understand the various injuries that can occur when riding a bike for extended periods, and that includes the possibility of neck pain.

Anyone who is new to cycling is at risk of developing an aggravated neck sprain if they ride for a long time. Although neck pain normally disappears after a few days of not riding a bike, some cyclists experience pain any time they participate in cycling. If this applies to you, you must understand what causes the neck pain that occurs after biking, as well as ways in which it can be prevented and treated.

Neck pain that occurs as a result of cycling is frequently caused by neck strain due to poor posture when riding. When you buy your bicycle, try to have the sales clerk advise you as to the correct positioning of your body; also, make sure that the seat is positioned correctly for your height and weight. In many cases, the neck pain will be relieved when the posture and the seat are corrected.

Take generic Ibuprofen or other types of anti-inflammatory medication prior to cycling. This will help reduce any muscle swelling that occurs after your bike ride. Also remember to stay hydrated, because some people’s neck pain is associated with dehydration and headache pain. Upon your return from your cycling expedition, take more ibuprofen if necessary. You can also take a warm shower or place a warm compress on your neck muscles. If you do this, your neck pain should be relieved and you can get back to bike riding very soon.

Neck pain commonly occurs for many who are just starting cycling; as your body becomes used to the bike riding position, the pain will dissipate. Remember to use correct posture when bike riding and take frequent breaks. If you keep this in mind and use the correct anti-inflammatory medications, it is possible to continue to enjoy bike riding without suffering from complex neck pain in the future.