Treating Muscle Sprains by Prescription Drugs

A severe sprain, strain or other soft tissue injury may result in a treatment plan that involves prescription drugs. Damaged muscles will not be healed by using pain relievers, muscle relaxers, or anti-inflammatory drugs. They work to alleviate the injured area’s tension so that it can begin to heal. In order for the medicine to work correctly you must do your part.

Obtain Prescription Drugs: If your muscle injury is extreme, you can either visit the emergency room of a hospital or make an appointment with your physician. Be ready to share your medical history so that a decision can be made concerning the best medications for you.

Visit your physician for an exam of your muscle sprain area. You’ll most likely just undergo a stress test or a simple physical examination; however, X-rays or additional tests may be needed to see whether or not any bones have been broken or if any other complications exist.

If you have a lot of pain and have a hard time handling it, ask for a pain reliever prescription. Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed.

Utilize Prescription Drugs to Treat Sprains:  Obtain your prescription medication and use it in conjunction with such treatments as ice therapy to treat sprains.

While you commence physical therapy (stretching, etc.) to regain your usual range of motion, keep on taking your medication and getting refills.