Manage Chronic Pain. 2

For begining see post “Manage Chronic Pain. 1”

So what are some steps you can take?

Educate yourself. Find out everything you can regarding the kind of pain that you are afflicted with and what can be done about it. One of the big problems faced by chronic pain sufferers is that there are a myriad of “complications” that can occur. For instance, consider stress. Stress hampers the body’s healing efforts. Stress levels can rise when one experiences pain each and every day. Thus begins a downward spiral — the more you have to deal with pain, the more stress you may have. Your pain tolerance as well as your patience with daily irritations decrease as a result of the stress. This could be why many people with chronic pain do not find relief when they use traditional treatments. Plus, only 18% of those in pain try to find alternative methods to deal with their pain.

Look for other methods of treating your condition. There are many non-standard options available. Possibly massage, acupuncture or chiropractic manipulations would be helpful. Just because an option sounds unusual, do not discount it.

Become a member of chronic pain groups that deal with your condition. You may be astonished to find that many others suffer from conditions similar to yours. People who have gone through similar experiences may be able to provide some helpful pointers.

Remain active. Exercising regularly helps beat stress as well as decreases the perception of pain. Are you unable to perform your regular exercise routine? Modify your workout so that it does not cause pain or try an alternative such as Tai Chi, which is a gentler exercise plan. Don’t let pain stop you from remaining active. Doing so will only make you feel worse on a physical level as well as a psychological level.

Write it down. Write down your episodes of pain as well as those things that make the symptoms worse. What are some of the things that are helpful in decreasing your pain or helping you manage it? Perhaps a certain food or activity helps, or perhaps an increase in stress is a contributing factor. If you write it down, you may be able to avoid things or behaviors that bring the pain about.

Don’t fool yourself. Pain should not be thought of a weakness. It can be just a minor bother or it can be completely debilitating, or it can fall somewhere in between. You must be aware of and accept that there are things that you cannot do. Possibly you must learn to deal with the pain and carry out your daily activities despite it.

Pain is a real problem that many of us must deal with — it is not just a fleeting issue. Pain can be chronic or occur once in awhile and it can be physical or psychological in nature. However, one thing is obvious: pain indicates that something is wrong.

Although pain will never disappear from the world, one thing is certain — we are not the only ones who suffer.